NH Motorworks Inc – Pricing

NH Motorworks Inc – Pricing

Is The Car Priced Right?

The internet has been touted as the greatest resource for the used car buyer. You can find trade-in, private party, and retail values from a multitude of experts on the web. The major players are NADA, Edmunds, and KBB, and all claim to be the authority on used car values. Yet price discrepancies abound from site to site. I don’t have to tell you that, you already know that from your research.

The retail and wholesale values placed on many vehicles by these web sites can have huge price variances. It can be as high as $7,000.00 on higher end vehicles! Really? What gives? These gigantic price fluctuations can leave a used car buyer flummoxed.

The condition of the vehicle is the critical variant. A private seller might think his trade-in is in pristine condition, and a web-site can fuel his misunderstanding. An expert may know it needs major repairs and reconditioning. That costs money, and significantly decreases the value.  It can work the other way too.  A fully serviced vehicle, with all repairs and service intervals met, adds significant value. Scheduled services and maintenance are in the distant future, and reconditioning and care costs are eliminated.  You should not expect to be able to buy a car for the lowest “book value” that you can find just because a web site says so. If you are only willing to pay the lowest value, then be ready to invest in mechanical or cosmetic deficiencies.  “Private” sale values are always lower in any web guide for a reason. History shows that much of the scheduled service has been neglected or postposed, and the seller is looking to avoid the associated costs. Reputable dealers and certified resellers take the time to properly address needed service and reconditioning deficincies before the sale. Of course, this adds to it’s value. Try to look at your trade, or the car you want, from a very objective view. Attachment and desire can skew your decision making. Analyze the total cost, including post sale expenses that may need to be addressed.

So, who’s the real authority here? Well, you are! The marketplace controls the accurate costs and pricing of vehicles. You’ll find the market price range for the vehicle you seek when you do your shopping.  Because of the vast competition for your business, you’ll find that there aren’t too many dealers and sellers that are well above or below that range. So in order to get a fair deal, trust the market. Compare the ACTUAL asking prices of the vehicles you’re searching for. You’ll easily be able to find the high and the low. Stay somewhere in the middle to get a fair deal. Never buy on price alone.  That low priced vehicle may have looming issues or a checkered past that must be considered. In the long run, it can cost you significantly more!  Value is found by the diligent and prudent shopper who knows what is realistic.  You are a far better judge than a web page.

Lower mileage = Value!
Accident free history = Value!
Fewer owners = Value!
Service records = Value!
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